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Fear Not, Jesus Christ was Born

These last few weeks with all the hatred and violence in the world, I have been really struggling with fear. Particularly if this is the last “free” Christmas my family and I will have. This probably sounds silly to most,  but I’ve been working so hard to be fully present and aware of every moment in this season for fear that next year, Christmas–at least the Christian version– will be not allowed. That political correctness or ISIS will be suffocating any joy that can be found in the air and that my children will never smile again. (Me? Melodramatic?) But what’s ironic, is that by trying to absorb all the joy I can this season to potentially fuel me through the rest of the Christmas-less years of my life (DISMAL, I know), I’m actually being robbed of the joy I’m trying so hard to cling to.image

Believe it or not, by nature, I’m actually a very optimistic person. I’m assured God has a plan for my life and that Satan cannot snatch me from His hand no matter what. If I leave His hand, it’s by choice. It’s just sometimes (particularly since motherhood) I can get a bit consumed with what could be…and it’s usually the worst possible scenario I can imagine!

But last night, the Holy Spirit comforted me and reminded me to fear not. Over and over, the scriptures tell us not to be afraid:  God is walking with us, before us; we can have courage! I know the chimageances of this Christmas being the last are slim, but if it is, it is because God allowed it. You either believe God is sovereign or you don’t. In actuality, all our futures are uncertain–even the very next minute of our life is never guaranteed. But I know that God loves me more than I could ever imagine and that He loves my children more than I can possibly comprehend. He has plans for good for our lives. And being able to rest in the peace that came when Jesus Christ was born, and I was able to receive Him as my Savior, is what Christmas is all about.


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