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Vintage Eating

Recently I came upon the website and it introduced me for the first time  to the phrase “vintage eating;” I love the way this style of eating is represented on her website. Basically, it’s whole foods, whole fats, and low to no processed carbohydrates. She claims (with lots of really cool infographics and pictures) the low fat and processed foods way of eating has done nothing but aggravate the obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes epidemics we have in the western world and that we should embrace high fat eating. Now I, being a dieting connoisseur, am very familiar with the low-carb concept, but I always considered it more high protein instead of high fat and really, how much chicken and ham can you eat? Butter and cream on the other hand….Interestingly, Jenni Callahan (the author) presents this method of eating as a healthy way of life and one to be continued indefinitely. I just always considered “low carb” a horrible and temporary way of living– always craving a dang cracker and waiting for the moment I could eat “normal” again. After reading her website I see her view is that not only is LCHF (low carb, high fat) good for weight loss; it’s the way we should raise our children to eat as well, along with plenty of vegetables and fruit. Her mantra is “As mothers we can change the world because we buy the groceries!” I love that because it’s so true.  So my family and I (as in husband and mom–the girls didn’t get a vote) have decided to eat only whole foods and LCHF for 30 days. My husband is pre-diabetic, I am about 100 lbs overweight and have been trying to lose weight every day for the past 7 years only to keep gaining, and dementia runs in my moms side of the family: all of which the LCHF diet is supposed to help correct and prevent with little to no concern about counting points or calories. So, at the end of the 30 days we will have my husband’s fasting blood sugar checked, I will check my weight, our sanity will be regularly monitored due to the picky nature of our kids,  and OF COURSE we will speak to the LCHF’s claim that we will feel more energized and clear minded than ever before.


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