You Sneaky…Little…Booger

I felt like I was on death’s doorstep for a full 4 days and learning to breathe again for 2 days after that. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad (it really was), but sometimes sickness can really take the life out of you–you know what I’m talking about. The kind of sick where you forget what day it is and when you last brushed your teeth, but you don’t really care. You justify dragon breath kills germs. I was THAT kind of sick and my girls and husband were being so sweet taking care of me. Fast forward to three empty bottles of Lysol–nothing was left to chance and the part of sick where you are able to realize you haven’t brushed your teeth in not two, but three days and that’s the stage I was in when I discovered what a sneaky little booger a kid can be. I know, call me naive, but I was always thinking….hoping….not my kids. I stumbled into the living room to show everyone I was alive and missed them, kept a safe distance from everyone (dragon breath and all), and nestled in to watch a little show with the girls before their bed time.img_2309-1

After a moment it came to me:  we were watching a movie I had DISTINCTLY told The Boss (my oldest daughter) to wait to order on Amazon until it was available to rent and didn’t require being purchased. And what were we watching? Said PURCHASED movie on amazon. She thought I wouldn’t know; she saw an opportunity and took it. Admirable, but dumb. I hope her stomach dropped to floor when she saw me walk in there. And here I was thinking everyone would be excited to see me! Ppppssshhhh. Whatever. I caught you!

So, being a fan of reality discipline *think Kevin Leman the birth order guy* the King (what the girls call my husband) and I took to thinking of a course of discipline that would be relative to the offense but pretty severe; I was UP-set she had straight up disobeyed me and took advantage of my sickness and the King’s ignorance! The King’s attention span wavered after a bit and I called to attention my readily available and equally plotting mom. Final result:  the Boss will be paying us back for the movie she bought–$21.95! Quite a chunk considering she gets $2/week in allowance! Heh, heh, heh. We will also be deleting the purchased movie, and she is on restriction from the tv for one month. If tv is having such a pull on her that she would openly disobey, steal, and still enjoy watching the movie, then she needs to take a step back sister!

She understood. One thing I love about my girls:  they know when it’s time to accept defeat. Usually there’s very little backlash and they are receptive to talking about it (after the incident). Three things we went over:

  1. The consequences of her actions.
  2. The importance of learning to obey the King and I so she will obey the real King of Peace when he beckons later in life and scripture to back up–thankfully her Awana verse the week before was Ephesians 6:1! I tried not to look too smug. 🙂
  3. I still have eyes in the back of my head. Cause that’s not weird.

Real Life. Real Kids. Real Love.

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