Being the Light

What does my face show?

A few days ago, my morning devotion was on how as Christians, our faces should reflect a risen Christ who is able and the role he plays in our life. But as a wife and mother, it can be very difficult to continually put forth a 1 Corinthians 13 kind of loving and serving face….not that I don’t love my family immensely (of course!) but it may be I’m tired from work….laundry needs to be washed and three loads still need to be put away….three little bird mouths are squawking what’s for supper…etc. The “everyday” can bog me down and I allow my face to not only lose the peace and joy it should continually exude (not the maniacal happiness of someone who is not living in the present, but the quiet presence of joy the spirit of the Lord provides), but WORSE I embrace a countenance of frustration and exhaustion. My reprimands come quicker and sharper than perhaps they should. Heavy sighs indicate I am not serving, but suffering. Do I need to be perfect? No! But it is at these times these little people I am raising should see me do as I preach and put away what my flesh wants to do and CHOOSE to do what the Spirit says to do…including doing dishes and laundry with a good attitude.

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