Silver I Can Do…..?

Almost exactly a year ago, I was 100% 90% certain I wanted to grow out my silver hair. I even made it for almost 5 months without coloring and then this giant nagging voice in the back of my mind that goes by the name of VANITY convinced me there was no way I could look attractive with silver hair and that I would most certainly, instantly, appear 85 years old and like I was going to the Senior Center with my husband’s grandmother. So I broke, colored, and much to my dismay, (even though it was by my own hand,) the cycle began all over again:

Week 1: color. hair is unnaturally dark. inevitably missed sections.

Week 2: roots are shiny in the sun.

Week 3: fancy hairstyles soft at the facial hairline hide roots. checking to see when I last colored.

Week 4: dread going to walmart to purchase hair dye. spend 30 minutes picking brand thinking that another one might magically give me Pantene commercial hair. walk out with $200 of STUFF I never knew I needed.


Recently however, I got a really cool hairstyle where the sides of my hair were shaved and all at once, my silver was revealed! And it’s pretty! Just like it was a year ago when I went crazy and decided to start coloring again. This time, I’m planning to make it to full grow out. The sad truth is, I have to consciously avoid worrying about what anyone else will think of my silver hair. I tell myself–who cares?! I like it, my husband likes it, and my scalp likes it. Plus, Pinterest reminds me of the all the amazingly cool women who have walked down this path before me. I ask you, need I say more?

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