Just do it already!



I’ve literally had my husband pull into the CVS parking lot so I could buy hair dye and resisted (thanks to his encouragement) the urge to color. It’s so hard to stay the course, but my mom helped me realize JUST DO IT. I’ll never know unless I just do it.

Here’s the progress thus far….img_3267This is about 3 months in. I came to the realization it’s not permanent. If I don’t like it, I’ll color it. But I have to know! In the past when I’ve been trying to grow it out and gave in to the hair dye, I immediately regretted my decision. This time will be different!

I’m always so in awe when I see a woman who has embraced her silver hair and has made it part of who they are. The confidence they exude is amazing! I hope I end up there at the finish line with a head full of the silver hair I’ve earned AND LOVE.

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